Guardians of our territory for over 110 years


The pilot phase of the Zegna Forest project, launched by Fondazione Zegna in 2020, reached its completion in 2021: from 2022 Oasi Zegna will directly manage the program. Contributions are still welcome through donations to Fondazione Zegna.

Taking care is not only a duty.
It’s always spontaneous, from the heart, with enthusiasm and generosity.
We will keep planting trees, it won’t be an isolated gesture, but a continued collective commitment to our earth.

Chapter 1

Our commitment to the environment

From 1920 to 2020

We’ve been looking after our mountains and woodland, a heritage of a half a million trees across nearly 1,500 hectares, for over a century now. Safeguarding such a beautiful and such a fragile habitat is a responsibility with a history. We inherited it from Ermenegildo Zegna, that enlightened businessman and formidable environmental activist who at the beginning of the 20th century revived an arid and exhausted mountain zone with an unprecedented reforestation project. His green philosophy is still guiding our actions, the pact he sealed with the environment is still going strong: man draws benefits from nature, then comes the time to give something back.


That’s how many conifers Ermenegildo Zegna planted for posterity

Chapter 2

The state of health of our trees

In recent decades, our territory has seen epochal transformations reflecting the general trend of the Planet. Climate change, the alteration of seasonal rhythms, the arrival of plant diseases never found in our lands have all had major effects on biodiversity. Whirlwinds and the like have cut down swathes of forest, parasites have attacked chestnuts and firs. We’ve been working hard to prevent environmental disasters for a long time now. But the current situation calls for even greater effort. It’s an enormous task, but we have no other choice: the health of our habitat is at risk. And we’re running out of time.

Chapter 3

What we’re doing to renew our woodland

  • Selective felling

    Diseased or dangerous trees are felled to make room for new ones

  • Hauling

    The resulting timber is then sent for use as an energy source

  • Planting

    New trees, of different ages and species (better suited to our new climate conditions) are planted

  • Care

    New plantations are monitored to guarantee strong growth within the bounds of the territory’s systemic planning

Entering its third year in 2022 , the Zegna Forest project is being extended to a new area of 18 hectars in the Stavello zone, San Bernardo and Colonia Alpina, totaling 50 hectares since the beginning of the project . The reforestation plan launched in spring includes a clean up phase to prepare for the planting in autumn of over 8,000 new trees , mainly beech and silver fir, to increase the forest’s resilience, ecological functions and biodiversity and at the same time preserve the special identity of these places. Do come and visit Oasi Zegna and see the progress of the trees planted out last year thanks to support from the many people who have helped implement this project.

Chapter 4

Protecting nature is everyone's task

Forests are a common heritage, they are the guardians of our Planet. And our health depends on theirs. Planting a tree may seem a tiny thing but it’s a huge gesture that symbolizes hope, the passing of the baton from one generation to the next, it represents the continuity of life, and is often done to mark the birth of a child or honor the memory of a person of worth. Every one of us can do something to protect the environment. Just as trees form a forest, we are part of a community in which the actions of each individual help produce collective effects. This is why support from Zegna Group employees and all other citizens can really make the difference for the future of our territory. We need help from everyone.

Chapter 5

Join us: here’s how you can donate

You can donate 110 euros and help us plant an extra tree or give whatever you want: for us it will be highly important anyway because it will help towards our ambitious project. 110 euros is what it costs to grow a tree healthy and strong. It covers the cost of cleaning and preparing the terrain, planting and cultivating. You can contribute online immediately or come to Casa Zegna (via Marconi 23, Valdilana Trivero) and visit the territory to see our commitment to the environment for yourself. The Zegna brand is contributing to Zegna Forest as well: find out more about the From the heart of Oasi Zegna wooden sculptures on

On our own we’re trees: together we’re a forest


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